Jennifer Blake: Dear Eloise // week one.

Dear Eloise // week one.

September 19, 2017

I started writing weekly letters to Eloise, I wasn't sure if I would share them but I love to document and have a place to look back on. 

Dear Eloise,

You are a week old today. These past 7 days have been a whirlwind and nothing short of amazing. I could write a novel about everything I have learned as your mama. This novel would start off talking about how you came into this world fast and fashionably late. You have already taught me that everything is not in my control, as much as I wish at times it were. I would also have a few chapters thanking your dad, grandparents, nurses, doctors, and our friends for all the love and support over this past week. At one point we had 9 people in our hospital room coming to visit you, you are so so loved my dear.

You have the biggest range of facial expressions I have ever seen, you go from looking sweet, innocent, regal, and curious to sad, confused and frightened. I love to listen to your sweet sounds as you nurse and love how you like to hold my shirt in one hand and cross your little ankles. You are a champion eater, which I am so thankful for. I never thought breastfeeding would be so hard, some days are great and other days we have a hard time, but we are working on it and getting to bond with you while you nurse is my favorite.

You love to be held and snuggled.
You love your swaddle but you are also a master escape artist.
You hate your car seat.
You have been to your first wedding and were so good for mama.
You do not like bath time.
You don't cry often but when you do it is because you are hungry.
You are content and such a little observer.
You are absolutely beautiful.
Your nose is squished from birth and it is one of my most favorite things, but it has already started to straiten out.
You love to sleep with your arms above your head.

I have so many big wishes for your life, above all is that you are healthy and safe. I worry about everything, are you eating enough? Are you breathing? Is your diaper too tight? Are your car seat straps squishing your stomach too much? Are you eating too much? All of these things take over so much of my brain, I am not sure what I thought about before you were here. You will know constant love from me and your dad, as well as your grandparents, and extended family but I hope one day you find a partner of your own. The love I have for your dad has always been strong, but watching him with you has made my heart burst with 1000x more love for him and you.

Everyone says the time will fly by and that this newborn stage is a haze, well time is certainly moving quickly but my eyes have never been more clear. I love you more than I could ever put into words and as you read these letters I hope my love for you is clear. May you grow up never forgetting how much we love you, may you grow up to be strong, smart, independent, and above all kind.

Happy week one, sweet girl. Keep growing.

Love always,
your mama

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