Jennifer Blake: Dear Eloise // Week Two.

Dear Eloise // Week Two.

September 25, 2017

Dear Eloise,

You are two weeks today. How have two weeks gone by already! You are growing and growing every day. I see the changes in your face, your arms and your long little legs. You have gained a whole pound since we left the hospital and grown a full inch. You are a champion eater, I’m pretty sure it is your favorite thing to do.

This week brought a lot of learning. You are becoming more alert by the day and you don’t love sleep as much at night anymore, but you do love to cuddle and sleep in our arms during the day. You have the biggest range of facial expressions I have ever seen and a wide array of vocal sounds. Your dad was home this week and we soaked up the time as a family of three, as well as all the visitors that wanted to meet you. You met your cousins from Colorado and your Aunt, as well as relatives from Germany! You took your first road trip to MA, and we all survived (just barely) the two hour ride. Your great grandmother Miller is just smitten with you, I am so lucky to have married into such a loving and supportive family, you are so loved by everyone, my sweet girl.

I’ve Googled so many questions and always end up just getting overwhelmed by the answers that I turn toward my gut or ask a fellow mama for their thoughts. I never thought I would be Googling:
How many poopy diapers is too many?
How do you get babies to like the pacifier?
When do babies start to see clearly?
How do I get my baby to sleep in places other than my arms or chest?
How do I get rid of baby hiccups?
Will I run out of milk?
What causes babys to get the hiccups?

So.many.questions. But I'm learning and you are ever so patient with me.

We’re learning together day by day. Getting you dressed is like an Olympic event, I hate putting onesies over your head because I feel like I’m going to hurt you or that you will get stuck. I think I break out in a sweat every time. I’ve already learned so many lessons about letting go of control, it’s all on your time now sweet girl and I’m slowly getting used to that. I have the best of intentions trying to time feedings with when visitors are coming or with when we need to get out the door for something, but every time I have a perfectly laid out schedule of it all, sure enough it goes the opposite. You’re teaching me an abundance of valuable life lessons.

Your Dad goes back to work next week for two days and I'm not sure either one of us are ready for that. He has been our rock these past two weeks, scooping you up from my arms when he can see I need a break, constantly filling my water (because who knew breastfeeding made you SO thirsty), changing diapers like a pro, making sure I'm eating enough to keep up with your eating, and dancing around the living room with you to try and get you to sleep. My heart overflows with joy watching you two bond.

I never grow tired of watching you sleep, watching you nurse or reading books to you when you’re awake. Don't get me wrong there are tough spots for sure, but we just go through them together, learning and growing. When things get hard or I feel exhausted or overwhelmed, I just remind myself that you were made for us. I was made to be your mama and you were made to be my sweet baby girl.

Love always,
your mama

*I am a week behind on posting, our sweet girl is 3 weeks already! Stay tuned for the third letter <3 

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